R & D application:


In addition to standard machines and units we offer individual procedural solutions for your specialized mixing tasks. Our long-standing experience in machine and plant construction for clients in varying application ranges as well as numerous innovations and advancements are the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Your tasks and process goals are the main priority for our experts and design engineers. We work with you to determine the criteria that are important for the development of your machine or plant. Meeting specific customer demands such as a design suited for the pharmaceutical industry or an explosion-proof execution is self-evident for us.

The desired dispersion degree of a mixture as well as the achieved quality and characteristics of the final product are already tested during the development phase at the IKA pilot plant station. We will gladly contribute to the optimization of your production processes and help you to prevent a loss of raw materials, unnecessary energy or time. If you decide on a turn-key plant, we will take care of the basic and detail engineering as well as the necessary coordination with sub-suppliers, including commissioning and training of your employees.

Pilot Plant Station:

From idea to solution

We work with you to optimize your current mixing tasks or to develop completely new solutions for the production of your products. IKA pilot plant station allows us to simulate what will be put into effect later in your production process. We will help you determine the deciding parameters necessary to ensure the desired quality of the resulting product.

IKA pilot plant station consists of a vast array of different machines and plants, measuring and analytical devices, and software. The pilot plant has influenced the concept and design of many of our machines and their tools.

Searching for a suitable machine for your application? At IKA pilot plant station you can test out several mixing systems with a variety of tools. Our chemical engineers look forward to assisting and advising you during and after the experiments. This way an optimal solution for your specific mixing task can be determined.

You will be surprised at the results that can be achieved with IKA inline systems. Difficult mixing tasks that required multiple steps can accomplished with a single pass through one system. Our employees' experience, creativity, and competence as well as a pleasant working environment tremendously add to your success.


IKA's service department, with its team of experienced longtime employees, repairs all lab and analytical devices. Service locations are available globally with the following advantages:

  • Repairs within five business days
  • The use of original IKA spare parts under warranty ensures a long life-span of the devices
  • Free equipment evaluation. We prepare a detailed cost estimate with itemization of spare parts and labor for your approval
  • Electrical safety test of the repaired device
  • Software update - if technically possible
  • In the event of a device malfunction within the warranty period, we guarantee reshipment of the repaired or (if need be) new device within three business days
  • While waiting for the repair, a replacement device may be made available
  • In the event of economically unviable repairs, a comparable new device can be offered

For calorimeter repairs, IKA will perform the pressure vessel test based on the PED (pressure equipment directive) 97/23/EG free of charge. An inspection certificate automatically comes with the reshipment. You are only responsible for normal repair parts and labor.

Product Training

IKA offers training services either on-site with you, or at one of our global locations. Together with our application specialists, we will discuss your questions and applications, in order to find the perfect solution for your process.

IKA training specialists assist with both applications and equipment. Once certain you are using the proper equipment for you application, we will help you to thoroughly understand proper use and care of your IKA equipment. Our regular training sessions will teach you operation, history, service and repair skills for your equipment. IKA certified technicians are happy to provide training sessions that work with your busy schedule.

We offer an on-site installation service with instructions for our more involved products, such as calorimeter systems and lab reactors. Installation for other products is available by request.

Our affiliates will also provide training, if desired. Simply get in touch with the branch responsible for supporting you.